Jewelry Designed for Your Safety

Cering's Core Features


You don’t need to worry about constantly having your phone out – we do it for you!


Our jewelry is designed to empower and can be used to discreetly call for help wherever you may be!


Our behavioral artificial intelligence algorithm can tell if you are in danger and call for help for you!

Designed to Empower
What we can offer you


Beautiful, smart jewelry will suit any occasion you have in mind, and keep you safe.


Our innovative software is designed to disrupt the industry of personal safety.


We don’t just built great technology, we build great communities! Come check it out!

What they say about us

Cering promises to be the next evolution of campus Safe Walk programs, for people everywhere, no matter if you’re on campus or not. This team of young entrepreneurs is dedicated to making their vision a reality, and I can’t wait to start testing out the product.

David Cameron

“The potential for Cering is enormous. Their approach to improving safety is innovative and accessible, the lives of so many will be better protected with Cering”                                       

Jannika Nyberg

Meet our team

Georgiy Sekretaryuk

Co-Founder and CEO

Saimir Sulaj

Software Engineer

Brandon MayU

Software Developer

Marine Au Yeung

User Experience Designer

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